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Sami is one of the leading Windows OS professionals in the world. Sami has been working with the Windows OS and training its use for more than 15 years. Sami has been working with companies sized from tens of computers to tens of thousands of computers worldwide. Sami has been working in different TAP and RDP programs and was the lead consultant in the Windows 7 deployment planning for the city of Helsinki - capital of Finland.

Sami has been an MVP in Windows since 2011 and is also currently the only STEP (Springboard Technical Expert Panel) evangelist in Finland.

Sami is country lead for the IAMCT and an MCT regional lead for Microsoft Learning.

Sami is an MCSE in Windows NT 4.0 and a six time MCITP in Windows Vista, Server 2008, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Sami has built a free replacement for the SteadyState product called the Wioski (

Sami is also a certified scuba diving instructor and a medic first aid instructor.

Sami delivers consultation and classroom training for advanced topics on Windows Client, Windows Server, Active Directory, Security, WSUS, MDT and Group Policy.

Sami also builds software for his own company called Adminize (

The year 2013 was the first year Sami's sessions got accepted to TechEd with marvellous results:

- in TechEd North America Sami's session was ranked #19 out of over 500 sessions
- in TechEd Europe Sami's session was ranked #3 out of over 500 sessions
- in TechEd Australia Sami's session was the Best Session in the conference and Sami the Best Speaker

In 2014 Sami was the Best Speaker with the Best Session of the whole TechEd North America in Houston!
Sami Laiho - Järjestelmänvalvoja