Why to subscribe to my Dojo?

Watch this short video and let me convince you to subscribe to my Dojo!

(You can find the list of videos below at the end of this post and a free sample you can find HERE!) To get the 19,99€/month price click on the SELECT OFFER below any of the videos!

Here’s the script I was supposed to read on the video but ended up ditching and going ADHOC 😉

Hello everyone and welcome to my Dojo!

I needed to build this dojo to work as my garage, my testlab. It’s a Medium that I can use to produce and publish videos as fast as I believe is nowadays needed by you. I will produce videos for bigger video sites like Pluralsight, which is by far the best videosite ever but those will be longer productions with highly detailed postproduction editing, and as such…too slow for what my motive for creating the Dojo was.

This does mean that these videos will be quite informal and uncut. I will concentrate on publishing speed and needed topics instead of all the postproduction details.

If you or your manager don’t know who I am my name is Sami Laiho. I’m a Microsoft MVP since 2011. I’m a consultant, teacher and public speaker and I’ve worked with Microsoft products for 20 years and counting. I’m still the only one who has ever achieved the grandslam on my second year at Microsoft TechEd, winning the best session prize in all major TechEd’s during a single year.

You don’t have to fear that the Dojo will go quiet after a few months as I need your help as much as I hope you need mine. I will use this Dojo as my garage for super secret experiments on content that I aim to present at the biggest conferences or that aim to add to my training classes. When I have to keep them secret from the public I want you to be my feedback on if I’m doing it right or if I’m going totally south with something.

I believe I can offer this for a competitive price. If you need to convince yourself or your manager think about this. For the price of attending one four day classroom training you can get the hidden Dojo training for ten years.

I want the content to be what you need. In Dojo’s case this is simple. Just send an email to me and I’ll try my best to make a video. It’s unique compared to other sites as the feedback goes straight into my INBOX and there is no man in the middle to be worried about. The pace I can fullfil your requests is minimal compared to bigger sites.

I will offer the latest in our sector like Windows 10 or Windows 11 when Microsoft changes their mind but I will also serve older, and still used, versions. Windows 7 is still dominating the market so I want to concentrate on future tech but also develop your skills in topics that you can instantly use when you get back to work.

I want to tell you what actually works. If you want to know what you should try and what might work you can always download sales videos from Microsoft. If you want to know what you should never lose your time on and what just doesn’t work, you’ve come to the right place.

I also manage bigger live events. Just a while ago we had Mark Minasi, Johan Arwidmark, Mikael Nyström, Paula Januszkiewicz and Jeff Hicks. In a few weeks we’ll have Jeffrey Snover, Don Jones, Alex Nikolic and Jeff Hicks. My subscribers will get cheaper tickets to these events.

I’ve always said I would like to host a radio show and this will be my private and secret show that I hope you love listening to. For me it all comes down to sharing and I get my kicks about hearing that people learned from me.

So I hope you are now ready and confident in taking the next step and becoming a subscriber to my Dojo.

See you soon!


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