Welcome to Win-Fu Dojo

Welcome to the Win-Fu Dojo!

Our Win-Fu Grandmaster Sami has just announced the new Win-Fu Dojo online training site in TechEd Europe 2014 in Barcelona. The first thing you should do now is to add your email address on the “Subscribe to Videos via Email” option on the right hand side. This will not cost you anything or will you be notified about anything else but the info when the training starts! We will be delivering the most high value training in the world for the best price! It will all begin very soon – Be sure you are not left out!

For the price of one classroom attendance for four days you can now:
– Have over 100 people attend all of the Win-Fu training for a month!
– Have 10 people attend all of the Win-Fu training for a year!

Our instructors are the best in the world! If you want to know more about them please Click Here!

If you’re hoping to join on Sami’s Win-Fu Newsletter with more content on Windows Internals you should head to: http://eepurl.com/F-GOj

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