Instructor lead training

Win-Fu training offers classroom training both onsite and online. Our trainer Sami Laiho is one of the world’s leading experts in the Windows OS and an exceptional teacher/entertainer. Sami’s sessions have been evaluated as best session in multiple TechEd’s.
Below you can find a few examples of courses we offer (click the names/countries for info). If you can’t find what you’re looking for please contact us as Sami will teach anything that’s somehow related to Windows or Security!

Can’t choose between troubleshooting courses? See this video to ease the decision:

Currently scheduled public classes By country (Click names or dates for more info):

What people have said about my courses:

“If you are ready for a deep dive into the Windows kernel and willing and wanting to learn how Windows really works, then you need to take Sami’s BlackBelt course. Sami’s high energy, enthusiastic and engaging approach to teaching, will captivate you and keep your attention for the entire duration. When it is all over, you will begging for more.” – Douglas DeCamp, Lakeland Health

“Great in dept information about Windows. Been troubleshooting Windows for a long time but there where a lot of things I didn’t know. One of the best trainings I had!” – Jeroen van den Heuvel

“It’s a very interesting course. You learn so much about actions you didn’t know they existed.” – Dwino Panis

“Excellent trainer, by far the most “hands on” with REAL LIFE scenarios testing, ABSOLUTE needed for an IT Pro in an enterprise” – Panagiotis Karaberis

What you need to run my courses in your facility:

  • Remote Desktop Client software on the student machine
  • PDF-reader on the student machine
  • TCP Port 3389 or 443 open to
  • Stable internet connection with bandwidth of 100kb per student + 100kb for instructor
  • Table with 80cm of space for the student (this is the one that I normally miss and it always makes the feedback worse so please try to make this happen)
  • Electricity for every student machine and the instructor
  • Projector with HDMI or VGA connection
  • 12 One time washed white frotee towels and yellow M&M Candy – Just kidding 😉

FAQ for courses organized by us. Partners organizing for us might have different rules and procedures:

Q. When are courses declared to be running for sure?
A class is declared on when you get my Welcome letter. A class needs 4 people paid up for a class to be declared on.
Don’t book flights etc. before you are sure the training is ON

Q. How can I pay for my attendance?
Our preferred way of payment is via the online registration system which uses Paypal or credit cards. If you need other ways of payments please contact

Q. What do I need and what’s included in the price?
For onsite training the price includes the training, a PDF-version of our lab guide and catering during the training hours
For online training the price includes the training and a PDF-version of our lab guide – It’s online so you need your own catering (I can show you pictures of food and coffee during the break for free)
Usually you need a computer that has Remote Desktop Client

Q. Who teaches the class?
All our sessions are taught by Sami Laiho

Q. When can be sure I have a seat at your course?
We only have limited numbers of seats per class – especially for onsite training. A student is considered PAID if a credit card has been charged, or we have received another way of payment like an official PO. Only paid students are guaranteed seats.

Q. What about refunds and cancellations?
Student cancellations 4 weeks before a class starts = 100% refund
Student cancellations 3 weeks before a class starts = 75% refund
Student cancellations 2 weeks before a class starts = 50% refund
Student cancellations less than 2 weeks before a class starts = 0% refund
Sami cancels a course because of a very severe reason like a relative dying or serious illness = You will be refunded your purchased price for the class. You will NOT be refunded any travel expenses or incidental expenses which were made to get you to the class. and Sami’s liability of class cancellation starts and ends with the exact purchase price you paid for the class in the event of a cancellation on our part.