BlackBelt – Windows Security Internals

Take this four day workshop and learn how Windows Security actually works, how to bypass it and how to prevent the bypassing. To be able to fight against the threats of a modern OS security environment learn how your enemies think and act. Sami has toured the world with his “7 ways to crack Windows 7” and “8 ways to crack Windows 8” sessions that have been evaluated as best sessions in a conference on multiple occasions. Can he execute “2012 ways to crack Windows Server 2012” – Be the first to find out!

On this course you will learn how to crack into an OS and how to design and implement current security technologies to keep your own environment as clean and secure as possible. If you need one course to teach you how Windows security works this is the one for you!

Length: 4 days


Windows Security foundations

– Laws of security

– Security principals

– Security Descriptors

– Access tokens

– User rights

– Mandatory Integrity Control (MIC)

Authentication and authorization

– How Windows authentication works

– How Windows authorization works

– Computer authentication vs. user authentication

Different user levels of Windows

– Guest-accounts

– Different user account levels

– Service-accounts

Securing user accounts and passwords

– How Windows stores user information

– How to protect user information

Security policies

– How local policies work

– How domain policies work

– Role of Group Policy

– Prebuilt security templates

Auditing security

– How to audit security events

– Tools for auditing and reporting

– How to make sure your environment stays compliant

Object permissions

– Allowing and denying permissions

– Effective permissions

– How to give permissions the right way

– Troubleshooting the Access Denied

Manipulating access tokens

– How to give user rights to OS functions

– How to change permission on a process level

Application control

– Whitelisting and blacklisting – the right way

– Using SRP and AppLocker

Encryption in Windows

– Different levels of encryptions in Windows

– How to use EFS and BitLocker effectively
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